People disseminating free culture, Juan Febles

Series of articles to make known individuals and groups, that help in the diffusion or collaborate in a significant way in the free culture.

People disseminating free culture, Juan Febles

Today we are talking about Juan Febles.
Juan is defined in his twitter profile as Support Teacher, trailrunner, linux user and podcaster. Lover of good series and films to make think.


As a podcaster, he is involved and collaborates in different projects:
- It has its own podcast called Podcast Linux, where it gives us content designed for home users of GNU/Linux who do not need to have great technical knowledge to understand what is being talked about, interviews people related to the world of software and free hardware and where it also talks about many interesting projects related to free culture, such as Wikimedia.
In the last few months it has also tested hardware, and has several reviews on computers of the SlimBook and Vant brand. These brands have gnu/linux distributions installed and tested on their computers, so they are a good choice for a linux user;)
You can find their podcasts on his web, in AVPodcast and in always under the name of Podcast Linux. And also through the subscription feed
- He started and is also part of a project that I especially like as it is the Linux Marathon, a collaborative project of live broadcasts through Free Software. Project that began in 2017 and in which many people from different Spanish-speaking countries are collaborating.
It's pretty cool to listen to their broadcasts, a variety of Hispanic accents from around the world.


Juan Febles also brings knowledge to the community through his video tutorials hosted on both his YouTube Podcast Linux channel and Podcast Linux.
All his videos are interesting, but I wanted to highlight them especially:
- Audacity course, free software tool for recording and editing sound.
- Podcasting course, (it is very noticeable that I throw for podcasting, isn’t? hehe). A complete course where you can learn how to do podcasting with free resources and tools.

Telegram Groups and Channels

Juan Febles can be found in different Telegram groups and channels, always contributing, collaborating and encouraging people to get involved in free culture:
- Linux Podcast Channel:
- Linux Marathon Group:
To conclude, Juan Febles is a man involved in the community of free culture who does not stop contributing and getting involved in new projects, but what would stand out most from him is his affable personality, always with a smile.