Number 00


Wildebeest Generation was born with the idea of ​​making known and deepening in the world of Galician free culture, dealing with issues related to this concept, such as: free software, free hardware, content under Creative Commons licenses, without forgetting the people and groups that work and collaborate in these fields.
Wildebeest Generation is a digital publication, but above all it is a meeting point for people wanting to publicize these free worlds, people with diverse interests such as music, photography, painting, audiovisual creation, the business world, programming, robotics and a long etcetera.
The contents of Wildebeest Generation are released with the free license Creative Commons Attribution - Share Equal, so you are free to use them for whatever you want, always mentioning the authorship and publishing the new work under the same type of license.
In this issue 00 as a presentation, we will find a brief history about the GNU movement, we analyze the business world that uses free software, we know the most important Galician event related to the programming language R, we investigate which is the best free license for the programmers. We know a podcaster that spreads free culture, we learn about the game Go, we started a series of articles to release your smartphone and another series about audio editing in linux, we released several photographic and artistic works and most importantly, we started to know the fantastic team of editors that is behind Wildebeest Generation.
Editor J. L.


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