Wildebeest Generation 00 - Articles


huangho - # about me: import PATH=PATH$:learn/use/enjoy/analyze export PATH=PATH$:teach/share/enharce/bin

Brief history of the background of the initial gnu generation

Carlos Rodríguez - Manager of Librebit. It is part of the Galician Network of Cybersecurity. He directs Computer Systems Administration projects. He is certified as a professional LibreOffice migrant

Opinion article, where the Free Software ecosystem is analyzed

María José Ginzo - Mathematician, statistics and software developer, mainly with R for statistical analysis

Rafa Couto - AKA caligari. Developer and sysadmin of Free Software and GNU / Linux systems. He enrolls in all wars (with the rank of sapper and programmer) related to the FLOSS and OpenHW

If you use Free Software, support and believe that it is the best option for software in the future and you are also a software developer, you have no excuses not to release with a Free Software license.

Jorge Lama - confessed geek, podcasting producer, wanting to become Content curator. Defender of Free Culture

Series of articles to make known individuals and groups, that help in the diffusion or collaborate in a significant way in the free culture.

Jose Manuel Sendín (kuartillo) - Lawyer, geek of law and technology issues.Defender of free software and free access to culture

We are going to talk about Artificial Intelligence and how a game, the Go, was the perfect excuse to achieve its improvement.

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Muíños - Computer Technician by profession. Errant knight of Free Software by vocation and amateur musician by hobby

Android Lab Is Android free software?

Alejandro Rodríguez Antolín - Degree in Musicology and Master in Music and Performing Arts from the Autonomous University of Madrid. Guitarist and enthusiast of everything related to music, technology and Metal

Introduction: Latency, Kernel RT (lowlatency) and Jack

Elsa Martínez - She only works for the love of art. Look for poetry in the everyday and the ineffable in painting

Drawings released by the author under free licenses Creative Commons

Guillermo Garabatos - Globetrotter, professional transport traveler, with the rank of first officer in welding, passionate about animals and photography

Photos released by the author under free licenses Creative Commons