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Free photographs


Title: Playing Hide and Seek
In the home garden in the morning, I usually take a walk with the camera to see if there are any surprises; and what I often find, are these curious grasshoppers, although it would be more appropriate the adjective timid, whenever they embrace something and the camera points to them, they are turning in a way that I leave these images. They always make you smile at those times.
Xogando ás agachadas - Guillermo Garabatos -


Title: Looking for textures
The restlessness for the small things of the nature, takes to me to make photos of this type; a little ladybug on top of a cloverleaf, yes, the clover leaves really look silky
Buscando texturas - Guillermo Garabatos -


Title: Gold bath
This photo has a considerable waiting time. If we consider the size of the flower, a dandelion, we get the idea of the size of the insect and the detail of the small things that are achieved with macro photography
Baño de ouro - Guillermo Garabatos -


Title: The beauty of the strange
This nocturnal butterfly caterpillar; I met her on one of the morning walks in one of the mounts of the municipality of Toques, camouflaged in a leaf of a young oak tree. It was amazing how complicated it was to distinguish it; After a long time observing her, in motion she gained in beauty, then the snapshot will always be more striking
A beleza do estraño - Guillermo Garabatos -